Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So you want to take your Shiba for a walk in Wisconsin

Here's a rather embarrassing photo of my Roux walkin' outfit. It's been in the negatives in Wisconsin, so when we go for a walk, I dress warm. (Don't pay attention to the messy kitchen)
Uh oh, I have to pee.

Let's take stock of what I'm wearing:
-Snow boots w/ wool socks
-Jeans,Heavy fleece pants
-long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket w/ fleece liner
- Neck warmer, hat, gloves

Roux's outfit:
-Red & Cream fur coat, warm but falling apart (ie shedding)
-Rolled leather collar, martingale collar, green nylon leash

Just for the record, Madison has shattered our all time snow record for the winter. It had been 76 inches set in 1979. We're at 79.2 inches with more on its way. I'll be dressing like this for a while...can't wait till Spring!

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Winnie said...

Ginger & Roux.... This is too funny! Omigosh, I can't even begin to imagine the Shiba 500 that Roux does when he sees you getting ready for a walk!

Too funny!