Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shiba De-Stuffing

After seeing Loki's video of de-stuffing a toy, I captured a couple of pictures of Roux in the act of de-stuffing his newest Bobo.
Nooo! Not the Bobo! Oh the humanity!

Quick, Roux! Get that Bobo, it's getting away!

Roux got the Bobo on Monday and it surprisingly made it to Friday. For some reason I keep getting these toys for him, this is his third such Loofa Dog, ie Bobo, and they get de-stuffed right away. Now he has some stuffed fox toys that we found at Ikea. They're kids' toys not made for dogs but he hasn't been able to destroy them yet. Three cheers for Swedish design!
Maybe he hasn't destroyed them yet because they look just like him.


Janet said...

I wonder if other breeds do this as well. My shiba doesn't enjoy his toy til he's taken out ALL the stuffing...usually through a hole in the tummy.

Winnie said...


Winnie has yet to do this with her stuffed toys, but I've probably jinxed myself by saying this!