Monday, February 4, 2008

Class update

Tonight was Roux's third class of the Beginning Family Dog training. He's doing really well. So far we've learned sit, down, working on stay and heeling. We've worked on reinforcing his name, his praise command, which is good boy!, and reinforcing when he looks at us. It's a great class. I enjoy how its structured and Roux seems to thrive in the environment. Plus he loves the treats.

We have three classes left and it's already time to think about what to do next. His instructor mentioned today that Roux would be good for agility, which is awesome. When we got Roux, I was thinking that would be fun to do with him. But first we have more work to do. Hopefully we can still get into the intermediate class and also a class that works on listening. Might be a losing battle with that one, I mean he is 100% Shiba!

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