Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Roux's Wisconsin Blizzard

King Roux sitting on his snow throne

Over a foot of new snow fell in Madison today. That was on top of all of the preexisting snow. Our snow piles are starting to look like ski hills. Roux enjoyed himself out in the snow though. Including when his leash somehow came undone from his collar. I spent sometime running (well lumbering really, it was a foot of snow) after a hopping Shiba. I was finally able to catch him when he fell through some snow and got stuck under me as I threw myself on him.

Hey, where did the sidewalk go?

Shiba Snow Shake

1 comment:

Janet said...

Lucky Roux ! My shiba, Wolf, LOVES the snow too :-)

Scary when the leash separates from the happened the FIRST night I had Wolf and I adopted him at about one year of age. It's midnight in our town, and I'm in the center of town, screaming WOLF! Wolf!!!

I'm sure the people in the bar were entertained.