Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shibas love the Fall

Check out that Shiba smile!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wisconsin in October

Hi there! Wow, it's sure been a while...

Holy cow!! It's been forever since I last updated. Roux said he'd find someone better if I didn't get on the ball.

Last Sunday we dropped everything and headed to a lovely park near us called Devil's Lake. We had wanted to take Roux there every since we adopted him and finally got around to going once we realized that the days of nice weather are numbered.

Devil's Lake was a Shiba playground, lots of fun trails and plenty of large rocks to climb on. Roux loved it! He also met a lot of people. It felt like every 10 feet people were asking us what kind of dog he has and commenting that he looks like a fox. One gentleman asked us if it was difficult owning the world's happiest dog. Roux was certainly flashing his biggest Shiba smile! But the best comments came when we went past a group of Japanese tourists. We couldn't understand a word they were saying until they noticed Roux. Then we heard "OHHH SHIBA!!!" Roux seemed to understand and pranced by them.
Roux making friends on the ferry.

Looks like a scene from a movie, "Walking Mister VelvetEars"

Roux looking over his new territory. There's a lot of trees left to mark!