Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Safety Dance!

Roux loves going for car rides...really, really loves going for rides. So much so that he's a bit insane in the car and difficult to control. We finally realized just how dangerous this can be, to both Roux and to us, a week ago when we were coming back from dog class with a lot of ice on the roads. That night I ordered a travel car harness from Drs Foster & Smith.
Roux does look a bit special in his new harness and his 'goingforacarride' dance has been renamed the safety dance, but he was much calmer in the car (he may have just been tired from his weekend at Spawoof though). Next week we should know for sure how he acts with the harness. But it kept him more secure in the backseat and us from having to wrestle with a hyper Shiba and drive.


Janet said...

My shiba, Wolf, absolutely FREAKS OUT in the car. I think he doesn't like to see things go by so fast, so I always crate him, and he's fine in there.

Ginger said...

We crate Roux for longer car rides and he does very well too. His own little mobile home. =)