Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Dog, Bad Dog

Shibas are very yin and yang. The good is balanced by the bad. Roux reminded us of this fact today.

In the morning, as I'm getting ready for work, I now can often tell Roux its bedtime and he runs off to get into his crate. Good dog! This morning he saw me finishing up my morning routine and ran to his crate without me telling him to do that. Very Good Dog! He was rewarded with lots of string cheese.
What? I'm not doing anything.

However good dog can't last forever as any Shiba owner knows...

This evening Mike took Roux for his walk. When I next saw Mike & Roux, Mike rushed into the house and took Roux straight to his crate for some timeout. Normally this doesn't happen, so I was curious as to what Roux had done. He had evidently pulled the leash out of Mike's hand and took off running. Bad Dog! Roux stopped every so often to make sure Mike was still around but would take off again as soon as Mike got remotely close. Very Bad Dog! Mike finally caught Roux when he had rushed off to visit a neighbor dog and got the handle for the flexi leash stuck around a car tire. *Sigh* So I have to take Roux out again here shortly because in all the confusion and excitement Roux didn't finish the business that needed to be taken care of outside.
Is there anything I can chew up under here? A shoe? A cat?


Janet said...

It's the scariest thing when that happens!!!

kelli said...

Auggie did that once. My husband ran after her for about an hour. He said that every time he stopped to catch his breath, he realized he would be sleeping in the car if he didn't bring her back safe.

smart man, dumb dog.

-Auggie's Mom

Ginger said...

Roux's gotten away from me twice, once was a very, very cold morning and I was trying to get him to pee. He pulled so hard on the leash and took off running...right up on our porch and waited at the back door! My heart was in my throat I was so scared and then I saw him back there. Can't blame him, it was very cold. =)

Hi Auggie's Mom!