Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roux's Arctic Adventure

National Geographic here I come!

Well maybe not 'Arctic' but Roux did have an adventure today exploring one of Madison's frozen lakes. With two humans along for the expedition, Roux made a 5 mile trip.
The adventure included being ambushed by two Labs pulling a sled. They decided to jump Roux. But no one was hurt and Roux continued on with his expedition with no other trouble. He did run into a friendly guy and showed folks that Shibas can wag their tails, or at least shake their bagels, which is what we call Roux's tail.
Can you pick out the Shiba tracks?

A tired out Roux fell asleep shortly after making it back to the car.


Pochi Poronchi said...

fun in the snow :)


Janet said...

Such a GREAT way to tire out a shiba!