Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Home

Roux came to live with my husband & I at the beginning of December 2007. He was rescued by the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue. Roux was being fostered in Indiana and put up with the 8 hour car ride to Wisconsin with few complaints. That was the weekend of our first bad snow of the year, which thrilled Roux! As soon as he was out of the car, he was leaping and playing in the snow. Once inside our house, it was like he had always lived there.
Roux crashed out on our living room floor.
Notice his toys behind him, nope he's not spoiled at all!

We often look at Roux and wonder why someone got rid of him. He doesn't have any really bad habits and is quite the sweet guy. He does have his moods but that's just him being a Shiba. He's crate trained and will go to it with a simple "It's Bedtime", which amazes me.

The only problem we've had with Roux is with our two cats, Maggie & Hunter. Roux loves to chase the cats and they are afraid of him so they run. So we often have races in the house when we let Roux wonder. Most of the time he's in the living room with a baby gate separating them. We're working on getting them used to each other but its been a slow process. If anyone has any advice about that, I'd sure appreciate it and my curtains would too!
After Roux chased Maggie up our window, the curtain rod couldn't support a 17lb cat.
We had to support him up there for a moment until he calmed down enough to detach him.

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Janet said...

Good luck with Roux and I hope he and the cats get used to each other! I have a shiba, too; his name is Wolf :-)