Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Rex the Shiba

Roux, Mike, & I were very happy to hear today that Rex has found his forever home and will be officially adopted this Saturday! In the meantime, Rex's new family has asked for everyone's help with picking a new name for Rex to help with his fresh start. Please visit the Humane Society of Boulder CO website to help pick his new name for a list of great one! Also consider donating a few bucks to help out animals like Rex.

The names to choose from are:
YOSHI (Good luck)
KICHIRO (Lucky Son)
TOSHI (Bright, intelligent)
SABURO (Third son)
KAZUKI (Harmonious hope)

Tough choice! We can't decide between Yoshi and Kazuri, both ideas that we wish for Rex and his new family!


Vi said...

Yay! So glad to hear the news!

Hana said...

A great name for Rex in my opinion would be Momotaro- Peach Boy. It is the name of a mythical Japanese strong man- think Paul Bunyun popping out of a peach and beating up demons. It's a great name!