Sunday, November 2, 2008


Leading up to Halloween, I was a bit concerned about how Roux would react to it all. We weren't sure how he would tolerate his costume, or if he would get nervous around trick or treaters. I came home from work, and we took Roux for a walk around the neighborhood with his costume on to see how he would do.

He LOVED it. That little Shiba pranced around the neighborhood and was smiling so big at everyone we met.

It might not look like it in this picture, but Roux really did enjoy wearing his costume.

Roux also enjoyed all of the kids he saw in costume coming to our door. He spent most of the evening looking out the window just waiting for the next group to come to visit. People adored the lobster Shiba who greeted them at the front door.
Going to people's houses and getting food? Why can't dogs do this too??

Roux got to even enjoy his own special Halloween treat, a rawhide card he got from his Aunt Kassie!
Ok, this is more like it!

All that Halloween excitement made for a very sleepy Shiba!

I'm not asleep, just checking my eyelids for leaks.


Anonymous said...

Roux is so very cute as a lobster. Yuki-san (my cream shiba) was a lobster too.

Bravewolf, Shassi and Tierce said...

That rawhide card is a great idea! The closest thing we have to that is a kiosk in one of our malls that sells gourmet dog treats, some themed for the seasons.

Anonymous said...

I dreamed about MY Roux Dog last night and for grins googled his name....and there your Roux Dog is! It looks like your Roux is a much of a joy to you as my Roux was to me. I will always miss him. I'm a sculptor. I sculpted his portrait so he to this day watches over our home. I think the sculpture is on my website, not sure. My Roux Dog was a white Standard Poodle.

shiba1 said...

That is probably the first shiba inu that actually enjoys his costume!

Julee Turner said...

Roux is so cute!! Looks alot like our Romeo! Dont you just love your shiba? We can't get enough of ours!