Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Italian Roux

We discovered recently that Roux has a thing for Italian bread.

Roux at first wasn't too sure about the bread. But in true Roux fashion, he doesn't question food for very long.
The shy first bite!

Yum! Maybe I'm an Italian dog!


2shibas said...

I always take modest bites, too. Just to be safe until I know for sure that I like it! Fievel, on the other hand, doesn't even chew her food! We're amazed she hasn't choked!

Enjoy your bread - maybe next time the humans will put some meatballs on it!


Winnie said...

Yummmmm....Sure looks tasty!


shiba1 said...

Yoshii and Kara are the same way! I think they might like bread/pound cake/croissants more than they like meat!